OKLINE filters

Okline filter range

Anti-germ filters

The Okline 2023 filter range features a new polyethylene fiber technology.

Each filter has its own use: shower jet or straight jet filter for faucets and showerheads shower.

For use in medical environments, hotels, retirement homes, balneotherapy and for private use.


The evolution of filter substrates is moving towards high-efficiency anisotropic polyethylene hollow fiber.


Filters out germs such as legionella, pseudothreat, chryptosporidium, gardialambia, colloidal algae... See list of germs


Okline filters are suitable for all sectors: health services, balneotherapy, hotels, retirement homes and private individuals.

Ensure the purity of your water with OKLINE Anti-Germ filters

Water quality varies according to country, region and location, as well as purification processes and facilities. Controlling water quality is essential (L’Eau Maîtrisée), and microfiltration is often necessary.

In some cases, preventive precautions are essential to guarantee health safety, even though concentrations of contaminants such as bacteria (Legionella SPP, Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa), parasites (Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lambia), colloidal algae, rust, silt and organic compounds are often minimal.

At OKLINE, we understand the importance of preserving health by ensuring water quality. Our filters offer an effective solution for this. They are indispensable in a variety of contexts, such as hand-washing, showering, balneotherapy, hotels, hospitals, and even rinsing medical devices like endoscopes. Individuals can also take advantage of these filters for total peace of mind in terms of water quality.

Unrivalled efficiency

OKLINE filters are 0.1 μm absolute filters, capturing particles larger than this size while allowing essential mineral salts to pass through.

Our revolutionary filtration technology involves the assembly of new hollow polyethylene (PE) fibers, surpassing traditional filtration methods such as flat pleated membranes. This innovation provides an increased filtration surface, resulting in more compact filters and considerably improved resistance to clogging.

Please contact us for more information and to find out how OKLINE filters can improve your quality of life through uncompromising water.